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{Tutorial} How to take a screenshot on Macbook Air

Sometimes, while working on the internet we need to save some pictures while browsing to check them offline. Taking a screenshot is the easiest way to save pictures from the internet. There are some shortcuts for taking a screenshot on all operating systems. The shortcuts may be different on different operating systems. Such as if you are using the world’s most-used PC OS i.e Windows you need to press Windows key + PrtSc button. In the windows, the dedicated prtscr button is given to take a screenshot on windows pc.

On the other hand, Mac is also a PC’s operating system that is developed by Apple inc. and this is a lot different from the windows. If you have used windows and switching to the mac you might have a lot of problems with using macintosh os, because it has their own shortcuts which are totally different from the windows. So you have to learn all these shortcuts to use mac.

Consider you want to take a screenshot on macbook air you will not find any windows or PrtScr button on the keyboard. But don’t worry there are some other shortcuts to take a screenshot on mac.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to take a screenshot on mac.

  1. Press Shift — Command — 4 together from the keyboard. Now you will see the capture screen.

  2. To capture full screen choose capture entire screen option from the given options. After selecting this option the pointer will immediately change to the camera icon.

  3. Now click with the camera icon on any part of the screen and screenshot will be captured.

  4. Now you will see a thumbnail of the screenshot in the corner of the screen.

  5. Click on the thumbnail to edit/copy/save it. If you don’t click on that it will be automatically saved to your desktop.

If you want to know how to capture some specific area on your Mac desktop and how to take a screenshot on a different version of Mac os read the full article.

How to screenshot on mac.

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How to screenshot on mac

How to take a screenshot on mac


How to take a screenshot on MacBook air