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Hotmail was initially launched in 1996 by Sabir Bhatia and acquired by microsoft in 1997. After that it was merged into If you have a hotmail account and it gets blocked, it is a very annoying thing but don’t worry here are the steps to recover a blocked hotmail account.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter you email address ending with

  3. Enter the security code i.e captcha

  4. Now click on the next button

  5. Now select your recovery option to get a security code in it

  6. Now check your recovery method and enter the code in the next screen

  7. Now enter the new password you want to keep

  8. Again enter new password for confirmation

You have successfully changed your hotmail account password.

If you don’t have access to the recovery options, you need to fill the recovery form to get your account back, this may take a long period upto 30 days because the microsoft team manually reviews that. So before doing this try these steps with your existing password.

  1. Check if caps lock is on or off as the passwords are always case sensitive.

  2. Try to clear Cookies and the cache memory of your computer and try to login again.

If you still are not able to get into your hotmail account follow these steps to fill microsoft account recovery form.

  1. Open any browser

  2. Type in the url section

  3. Now enter your email address which password you want to change and in the another column enter the alternate email address which you have access to.

  4. Now you will get a security code on your alternate email address.

  5. On the next screen enter the code and choose whether you use any other microsoft product or not.

  6. Now click next, it will ask for your address and the security questions which may be asked while creating a microsoft account.

  7. Be specific and try to give all the answers exact or near to exact.

  8. Now click on the submit button.

You have successfully submitted a hotmail Account recovery form, now the Microsoft team will manually review your request and if you fill all the info correctly you will be able to get your hotmail account back.